Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just a little something i wrote on the game dota about last year

Dota!!! This is a game of full name Defense Of The Ancients so as to you play as one side of the ultimate struggle between the Sentinel and the Scourge. Each team consist of 1-5 players and their objective is to destroy the opponent's "ancient" or so the title of the game says while defending your own "ancient".

Players can pick from a huge range of heroes which up till now totals to be 90 totally different heroes that have different abilities that significantly determine their role in the team. Those with high amounts of health and armor will most probably be the tanks, while those with high physical damage and fast speeds will be the killers and the high damage spellcasters will nuke their way into the opponents deep flesh.

There are a variety of different buffs and debuffs that are very unique. This game map is laid out as 3 lanes with towers and buildings protecting the "ancient". Between these lanes will be the neutral creeps which any team can kill. Also, for the extra thrill, there is a huge creep in the forest waiting for anyone who dare challenge him, ROSHAN. Though he doesn't reward you much when you defeat him, he grants you an item that when worn, you can revive if you die.

Talking about items, each hero has 6 slots for any item he/she may choose. The wide variety of items makes each and every item special. Different heroes suit different items as some of these items increase your stat while some others grant you abilities like the ability to stun your opponent. Items are ranked from 0-4 by their recipe level.
Ranked 0 items consists of those items which take effect as long as you hold them and require nothing more than the gold (the currency in game) and the item slot. Ranked 1-4 items mostly require a set of specific items of lower ranks and the recipe for all those items to combine into one deadly item.

The in-game currency is gold which is gained everytime the player kills a creep, a hero, or a structure. Gold is also gained over time. 1 gold is automatically given to each player every second. There is another important thing in game other than gold and that is your experience points and your level. As the heroes gain experience from any non allied unit that dies in a radius around them, they level up when that experience point reaches a certain amount. This leveling is crucial for the heroes to gain stats, gain skills and therefore become that much stronger. The process of gaining gold and experience in dota-terms is called farming. Heroes who farmed very well and got lots of powerful items and become very strong in game is called fat.

Players have all kind of play styles like 3 heroes from the Sentinel finding a lone hero from the Scourge and start ganging him or the Scourge team sticking together to attack the Sentinel's base. However, the most important thing in game is pushing. Some people might get tonnes of kills but if he doesn't push he'll never win. Pushing in dota-terms means to attack in a lane in attempt to destroy the enemy base. There are certain heroes very well fit for this while others aren't that good. But generally all 90 heroes are fair and equal as in they all have their pros and cons. There are some heroes that dota players call gay. These heroes that they are talking about in dota-terms means a very powerful hero. However, many of these heroes which are very powerful have their requirements before they become powerful. For example, a hero which is very powerful in the late game is only gay when he gets to late game being well fed. Or some heroes are very powerful but require high skills of micro-managing.

This game is also divided into 3 sessions called the early-game, the mid-game and the late-game. The early game is when the players just spawn and start farming and this normally isn't very long. Normally early game is from levels 1-7. The mid-game starts after the early game. This is the part of dota that is VERY crucial to play. Losing this session of the game is a guaranteed loss for your team. It normally ranges from levels 8-15. The late-game comes after mid-game. This point is where some very powerful heroes become VERY deadly while some heroes that were powerful early on start deteriorating. The range is generally levels 16-25.

Thats basically DOTA. If you ever wish to test out this cool game, get your hands on Warcraft III and its expansion pack, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Just these and your hands and you're good to go.

Feedbacks are kindly appreciated. Aah~ i finally finished ^.^

Note: By the way, i thought and wrote this by myself, not from any other source other than my very own sea of thoughts

there... how is it?... i wrote this like mid last year i think.... =O...............

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